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staff application

[Posted by:√ā¬†zwaardinreet]

Age: 30
Sex: Male
Name: nick L.
Location: Nijmegen, the netherlands
Languages: English/dutch
How long have you played KalOnline?: Off and on 8 years now..
How long have you been with HellGate?: 7 8 months? not really sure..

Do you have previous staff history with other servers?: no.

How often do you play KalOnline?: if i get the chance everyday.. but i have to say 5 times a week.

Why do you believe you should be HellGate Staff?: I am honest, fair and kind.
I also believe that the admin is too often not around, and new players should get a chance to ask stuff.
I am always on the looks for improvements, and because of my long time play experience i believe i could help with that.


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