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Hell-Gate Staff Application

[Posted by: FlashGod]

My name is Lee Cahill, Aged 22, Live in England, Speak English, Been playing Kal for 10+ Years, Im Online 15 Hours aday, Step kids at school so im on the PC and GF watches TV lol, Played pretty much every Kal Private Server thats ever come out, Been Admin on most of them over the years, I can help with ideas for server, Help players with Information on what they need to know about the game, I can do events like Hide n Seek, Tournamnets, Questions & Answers, Etc, Ive got knowledge on hacking games, I have pretty much every KalOnline Hack, Dll, Injection, Packet Sniffer, Batch Files thats been out, So i know what to look for in the server if anyone is hacking or are suspecious of anything. I can help if you want towards the VPS and Hack Shield i can donate every week or so up to you, Tell me what you think after reading, Im in game most of the day Everyday. Hopfully in future i can be apart of the Hell-Gate Team!

IGN: FlashGod, God, Yuna
Guild: Immortals (Leader)

[Posted by: Jordan]

Well since we're basicly following the int style of staff, we're not having any ingame Game Masters except for admin, so he easily test/inform the server, otherwise your ideas are more than welcome on forums, since players idea are keeping hellgate community to grow and evolve the server. U might get different reply from admin but I dont think it will be much different than mine, anyway thanks for your application and we wish you much fun in playing our server

Kind regards, Fani

[Posted by: FlashGod]

Let me apply for Admin then? There isnt a admin or w.e on 24.7 is there, im on 15+ hrs aday. gaurentee. lol anything can happen in between when u are off lol.

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