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server aplication

[Posted by: savatom]

Name: Daniel,Aaron,Kelly
languages:English, A little Spanish and French
How long have you played Mine craft:Ever since 1.5.2 was out
How long have you been with mine crap:30 minutes
Do you have history with other servers: Nope
How often do you play mine craft: like 4 times a week 74 hours a week
why do you believe you should be mine crap staff: i want to be a staff because i would love to give it a try for the first time and i wanna help others with stuff they need to know.

[Posted by: SivaBirdie]

Hey Dude! love the application but I believe you should become a little more experienced like learn the ropes and stuff Big Grin But besides that Great post and have a great day - Your Friendly Lava Mob

Good application, I can accept this. I'll save this for later when I need a mod.

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