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My Staff application redo

[Posted by: MRPI8]

Age: 13
Sex: Male
Name: Joshua Mansfield (ign)= MRPI8/Blinx_2001
Location: Britian
Languages: English (abit german)
How long have you player Minecraft?: 4 years
How long have you been with MineCrap?: 3 years

Do you have previous staff history with other servers?: yes
If so, which?: My own, MagicCraft, SapeCraft, a server that didnt have a name and is now closed down. Thats all i can remember
If no longer staff, why aren't you now?: They didn`t like the way i did things :/

How often do you play Minecraft?: all day every day Big Grin

Why do you believe you should be MineCrap Staff?: I am helpfull and kind, i have told u any thing that is wrong on the server over skype straight away, I love MineCrap!, i helped out with many things and Tuovic says im helpfull Big Grin

ps im sorry i didnt do it correctly the first time Tongue

thanks for your application, MRPI! Saving this for later.

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