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ALERT! ~ SubGlobal Infrastructure Migration

ALERT! ~ SubGlobal Infrastructure Migration
SubGlobal's whole database is being moved to another located within the United States to another hosting service.
MineCrap and HellGate Online will remain offline during this event.

A Little History:
#Update 1. MineCrap opened first opened it's doors on a slow 4Mbit upload connection and a 4,200speed CPU with 4Gigs of ram.
#Update 2. Later, MineCrap upgraded to 6 Gigs of ram.
#Update 3. Then 8Gigs of ram.
#Update 4. MineCrap then moved from a 4Mbit Upload speed to a 6Mbit upload speed.
#Update 5. MineCrap was absorbed into SubGlobal, inc.
#Update 5. SubGlobal was moved from a 6Mbit Upload speed, 8Gigs or ram, and a slow 4,200CPU > to a 100Mbit Upload Speed, 12Gigs of ram, and an 6,800speed CPU.
#Update 6. SubGlobal began development and introduced HellGate Online.
#Update 7. SubGlobal moved it's infrastructure from a [/font]100Mbit Upload Speed, 12Gigs of ram, and an 6,800speed CPU > to a 750Mbit Upload Speed, 32Gigs or ram, and an 8,400 speed CPU.

Now its time to move forwars yet again...
We are now going from 750Mbit Internet Upload Speed, 32Gigs or ram, and an 8,400 speed CPU
1,000Mbit Internet Upload Speed (1Gig!), 64Gigs or ram, and a 4-core_10,780 speed CPU + we are transending from Hard Drived (moving parts), to Solid State Drives (no moving parts) which is over 10,000 times faster.

MineCrap is 98% complete to become self-sustaining.
HellGate Online is 67% complete to become self-sustaining.
[font]A new game is on it's way to being developed..

MineCrap players who have been around over 1 year will all receive a $25 Gold rank!
$35 Diamon ranks will receive a $45 Lord rank!
//this will begin upon reopening.[/font]

Estimated time of SubGlobal games relaunch is 4/28/2014

UPDATE!!! Damn I'm fast. Migration already complete 4/26/2014!

Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy 102% lagless gameplay!

What am i gonna do in the mean time?
OMg what i will will get a gold rank Omg 0_o
i joined in 2011  Big Grin so i must have lied in my apllication lol

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