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List of Benefits

SubG Benefits include the following.

  • Premium Netflix Account
  • x2 Forum SG Coin Rewards

To become a SubGlobal Sponsor, secure your $5.00 monthly subscription via Paypal below.


Please include your forum Username in your subscription.

After payment, your SubGlobal Forums account will be upgraded to SubGlobal Sponsor, and the Benefits forum will be visible to you.

Account access credentials included in the benefits program are subject to change monthly, and will be updated on the Benefits forum.

wow man sounds good. Subscribed! Big Grin

hey soggy! i'll subscribe when you add more benefits. sounds like a nice system

Thanks for posting this great full informative, i really enjoyed to read this, keep it up

Wow! Those benefits are really amazing & I also won a cool golf shirt from the same brand, so I am pretty happy with these online competitions.

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