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SubGlobal's Future (One year later)

Alright, my friends, it has been about 11 months 15 days since my last post about the future of this community ( ); I cannot believe how much has been accomplished in such a short time ratio. 

       But back to business, in the document below SG = SubGlobal; this company offers games' MineCrap, HellGate, and Emporium. So far, MineCrap is self-sustaining; meaning I finally have do to no further maintenance on it to keep it online and people play (besides updates of corase).

       Under the forum section connected to SubGlobal you see "GC-AS", I won't reveal what the name is just yet until I purchase the domain(s) for it, but it's a local airsoft club that i hope to open in the 6 sourrounding states of Mississippi in America (pretty huge club).

       I'm getting a website for myself, CR, which will be above everything; showing my resume, online store, youtube videos, social networks, etc. All linked together with everything.

      The "" is, (and other domains) it is a domain that is worth close to $50,000 USD. It is the brother domain of (extremely popular news website). My goal is to create a site where you sign up for protesting, activities, etc in form of a social network. You can use it is a like-minded dating website, or find a group for activities. Maybe I can sell this to the super rich guy who owns (Alex Jones) for way more when I've established it for maybe $200,000 and get SubGlobal into the big leagues 

       "Ultra S Sur" is an invention, if i get it working, worth idk my god.. like a billion dollars? lol Once I get a patent, I'll be sure and put it up on SubGlobal or maybe sell it idk lol.

MineCrap is complete, HellGate is close to completion, Emporium is finished (its my friend's game, I'm just publishing it). Next thing to do is I guess would be to rev up my community; make it bigger, stronger, get better hosting servers, etc.

I get a really nice job this or next week so when I start getting these great paychecks i'll be able to get these better servers and accomplish some of these goals.

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