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Building/ Structure Suggestions?

To spare many of a long paragraph, I'm just wondering when there will be new buildings added to spawn? We just have the Mob arena, Spawn and market, and Jesus' house.( This is from my knowledge from the last time I was online, which was two weeks ago.) I just made this thread in case anyone had any ideas they'd like to share. That's all, thank you!

[Posted by: ziaxon]

heyyyy what abouit my light house??
and the jail

I like this idea, i dont want anything too big and too much in the way. The idea of SafeCraft is to be as simple as possible. Open to suggestions.

[Posted by: Ghilliesmaster]

I'm just wondering... have we even used the jail? Also Zia, the lighthouse could be good for a landmark or beacon in case anyone is moving around spawn, and actually walks towards it instead of doing /spawn.

[Posted by: Ghilliesmaster]

I'm wondering if maybe we could provide more of what's outside in spawn inside of it? What I'm suggesting isn't like the towns in Fable, but maybe a small market district, and really if anyone has any ideas, like a Club, an inn, a pawn shop, then feel free to post here. I'm just saying that outside of spawn, we have markets and griefed buildings.

no, thats no good.
the idea of this server is to be simple.
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