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alcace671 Resigned

I know y'all are wondering what happened with alcace671 - we're not sure ourselves. Yesterday afternoon, we had a staff meeting that went well, we discussed communication and plans for changing up the staff ranks. Before the night was over, we changed staff rank names and called it a night.

alcace671 signed in as Guest rank, as the staff label was changed, I received a few private messages of, "really?", and "WTF!?", from him. I didn't want to deal with whatever it was so I went to sleep.

When I was shopping for home supplies, I got a skype message on my phone of alcace671's resignation (he quit). There was some other insulting behaviour towards me that was very unprofessional during our last skype meeting; so perhaps this was a good time for him to resign.

We all appreciate the good things alcace671 did for this server and it's community - he was well known and made many good decisions which changed the face of this Minecraft server's community.

As of now, we are looking forward to the future of SubCraft, and the SubGlobal Corporation all-around. We have an MMORPG online called SubGlobal Online, a Minecraft server called SubCraft, an online FPS on Steam we're publishing called Killing Floor 2, and a new MMOFPS project under development with the Unity Engine we hope that will trump the Battlefield games.

- Cayle Rose.

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