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BetaGodz Recruiting anyone during beta phase in HellGate!!!

[Posted by: austinx25123]

During Beta phase guild BetaGodz will be Recruiting any new players f/l or pm EyesOfTruth, or GOSliber for an invite after beta phase our guild will only recruit high lvls so this is your one and only chance to be apart of the best guild in the server we will help any new players and soon will organize f10 runs and lvling partys exclusively for guild members only Thank you all.
          Best Regards-


awesome ^^

[Posted by: Orange]

Lol that player "EyesOfTruth" and his friend "Manslaughter" are retarded scammer's. Do NEVER trust them.  I know them from BangoKal. If i was you, i would expell them.

[Posted by: austinx25123]

he dsnt play this server anymore soo calm your vagina.

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