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The end of MineCrap.

So, since our MineCrap server had over 67,000 users, I feel I owe a reason why it went offline. I already posted this in the company announcements, and I'm posting this in the proper MineCrap section too.

Since late 2015, I quit development and hosting of our Minecraft server, "MineCrap". The game has been dying for a long time, and it has gotten a bad vibe to it already; being that Minecraft is an old kids game. Microsoft noticed my "MineCrap" trademark application and offered me $3,750 to sign over my trademark application, and close my domain name. I was going to close our Minecraft server anyway, and I really didn't want to pay that $40 .co domain renewal fee... So I let someone else waste their money buying my domain, while I collected. This worked out very well for me. In a way, the guy who bought the domain made me this $3,750, because it was him that made me want to apply for the trademark anyway, and in the end, I ended up getting paid while he lost money. SubGlobal always wins. Smile

Nobody plays Minecraft anymore, or at least the original players don't. It was a popular game that had it's moment, and that moment had passed.

I am closing the MineCrap forums section. Thanks for playing!

MineCrap Server: 2012 - 2015.

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