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So I've been working on an online co-op game called Rhino for over a year now using Unity Engine, and recently I switched to the Unreal Engine as it supports more of the things I want to do with this game's development.

Rhino is about stopping poachers who have been killing Rhinos for their horns, and selling them to witch doctors and devil worshipers in Japan for a high price. I hope this game spreads awareness of the terror Rhinos have to endure to another demographic of people who otherwise not know about this. I want Rhino to be Free-to-Play, and to access the online co-op, you can upgrade your account for a one-time fee of $5.00, only to deter cheaters.

This is my 2nd game development project, the first one (SubGlobal Online) took me 4 years to complete. Rhino shouldn't take anywhere near that long, and now that I am using a better engine (Unreal Engine), I can make this game become a reality much faster. All I really need now are assets (3D Models, Voice actors, etc).

very cool project. so is this going to be some type of Spec Ops co-op game? if you can pull this off, this will be the only game out there like it, and also raising awareness?? thats so awesome. i hope you can get some financial backing. i know assets can cost some money

wow I saw this project mentioned on a game news YouTube video a while ago. GLAD to know this project got funded!

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