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A New Beginning

Hello guys, as you can see, the SubGlobal forums are back.

For 2 years they have been down due to an insane database error when a backup somehow got corrupted. So the only way to rebuild my forums and update from MyBB v1.6 to v1.8 was to actually create a Recovery account on a fresh forum, and manually copy each post here, entering the user's name, and editing each post with the correct date... It has been Hell.

I have about 60% of the forums recovered, and I abandoned my almost 2-year work with the Wordpress website platform due to ridiculous difficulties. I am back to using open-source php/html/css/java/ajax web development without the GOD damned restrictions Wordpress has. *Finally... Freedom!*

I won't be using any custom themes for MyBB, so to avoid any trouble, I'm making regular backups of the forums now (like any responsible admin does), and avoid any weird themes and plugins that may cause issues. Any changes to the themes, I'm doing myself through the default MyBB theme.

Since late 2015, I quit development hosting of our Minecraft server, "MineCrap". The game has been dying for a long time, and it has gotten a bad vibe to it already, also Microsoft noticed my "MineCrap" trademark application and offered me $3,750 to sign over my trademark application, and close my domain name. I was going to close our Minecraft server anyway, and I really didn't want to pay that retarded $40 .co domain renewal fee... This worked out very well for me haha.

So as of now, I'm reacquainting myself with web development so I can make appear more professional.
Also, I've moved from working with the Unity Engine, to Unreal Engine. I can't think if I want to make an FPS first, or an MMORPG. Really I would like to make both in one, but that will take a lot of work and help.

I'm just glad to get these forums back haha.
Oh, and my MMORPG, SubGlobal Online, is still up and running with people playing on both servers, and a friend and I are finishing up development of our World of Warcraft private server. A lot of going on right now, and I hope to live this dream of mine. I would love to get a game on Steam similar to Warframe's status but create an open-world MMORPG/FPS. My idea is to have both FPS and RPG in the same game by pressing a button, and the play-style changes.

Well thats it, today is my birthday and I can tell good things are coming our way! Smile

Wow, yeah forums can have problems sometimes - its a learning process. Glad you were able to recovery most of them.
I'm happy your MineCrap server closed with dignity and profit, can't believe Microsoft actually paid you to close it. They pay for a lot of shit lol.

Yeah I see SubGlobal's website have gotten TONS better, and i know a few people myself that have had great trouble with Wordpress - its a bad application.

This is come good news, reading all these announcements, incredible story doing ALL THIS by yourself. You're really smart dude.

Good Jobe Smile

i saw your channel, dude that shit is so funny. and you run this website and games and everything by yourself? WAT?!

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