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Dark Web Links & The Real History Of The Dark Web
What Is The Dark Web?
The dark net is a portion of the internet - the darkernet. Some hidden sites can't be accessed by anybody. They can only be accessed via TOR Browser. Those sites are encrypted layer-by-layer and are accessible only to those who use specific browsers such as the ones above. They are designed to obscure the data. When we hear about the dark internet, our minds immediately turn to illegal activities like drug trading or the exchanging of stolen data. The dark web is used to carry out criminal actions. It could also be used to exchange information with the government or military, or to keep information private. Check out the awesome Dark Web Links info.

What Is The History Of The Dark Web?
The history of the dark web goes far back to the 1960s. The network was developed to let people exchange information and to communicate over vast distances without needing to join individually. ARPNET (or ARPNET) was the first internet. It was later called the dark web. The network was discovered by Cold War military and made use of. ARPNET, one of the private networks, was only allowed for official access. However , researchers were allowed to try it out to test their ideas. This is the reason behind the first online illegal transaction in 1970. This was used by students at MIT to purchase marijuana.

Why It Was Released To The Public?
The U.S government was more involved in the development of the dark web. This network was established by the U.S. government to allow spy agencies access to data and exchange information without any divulging. The websites that were encrypted became well-known due to their privacy. Tor is one of many most effective programs that can accomplish this. The project was built for layer encryption.

[Image: 4-The-real-history-of-dark-web-edited.jpg]

Its layers and anonymity made the onion routing known as the onion routing. It was made public to make it difficult to identify spies using it when it's being employed for other reasons. Tor could be used both in the dark and the deep web. Tor was made freely available for everyone to use in 2002. It should not be centralized to ensure the highest level of security. The users want government censorship be removed so that they can be able to communicate freely. While the creators attempted to protect users however, it caused other issues. It was confusing and difficult to use. Many other dark websites emerged following the program's being made simple to use and played a significant role in creating the history of the dark web.

Use Of Dark Web Links From The Early 2000s To Present
Bad users can misuse dark web links and Tor even when there are legitimate uses. Dark web links provided anonymity, which led to the rapid expansion of digital black markets. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are used extensively for transactions on the dark web since they are not regulated and hard to trace back to the person who made them. These deals can be used to purchase anything from weapons and drugs to pornographic material or even individuals. Law enforcement is always looking for new underground market or service. They are working continuously to block these illicit operations. Tor is great to protect the security of its users. But once a site is sufficiently popular that authorities are likely to come up with a method to hack it. This phenomenon is well-known, like Ross Ulbricht's Silk Road story is a good example. The Silk Road functioned as a marketplace for illegal substances that were sold on the dark internet. Customers could purchase goods using bitcoin, and provide feedback about the reliability, quality and etc., of the stuff they bought. Imagine an anonymous version of eBay. Ulbricht, better known on the website as "Dread Pirate Roberts," is the market creator. at the age of 26 Ulbricht was a graduate of Penn State University in materials science engineering. He was also a relatively newcomer to the workforce. During his time as an advanced student, he began to become interested in and convinced by libertarian economic and philosophical ideas. He was arrested and charged with cybercrimes after using dark web hyperlinks.

How Does The Dark Web Work?
The dark web conceals information from view by the general public. While it is possible to use it for open-web browsing, you'll require a specific browser to view hidden sites. The onion routing is among the most well-known software programs in the history and evolution of the dark internet. Once you've installed the software, you can start the browser. After you have confirmed, it will inform you of the existence of your Tor connection. The confirmation will also show that the IP address has changed. This will allow you to browse the dark web and open hidden sites.

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How To Utilize Tibetan Prayer Beads. What Do You Mean By Malas?
Mala mala, the Sanskrit word for the first prayer beads used in counting mantra and recitations is also referred to as mala. All Tibetan Buddhist communities have many malas. They can be worn around wrists, or hang from the fingers. They are called trengwa when they're Tibetan. It is typical for Tibetan Buddhists who repeat certain mantras thousands on thousands of times. It is also possible to use your rosary to serve as a spiritual calculator. Even if you're not doing any actual counting, the repetitive recitation of the mantra while going bead-by-bead through the mala helps focus and calm the mind. A string of around 108 beads is the most commonly used. They are composed of precious and semi-precious stones, wood, seeds, wood, bone or any other material. If you are able to perform 100 mantra recitations working your way around the mala, repeating a mantra each for each bead of it, you are considered accomplished. The eight additional beads are designed to be "spare" in the event that you have a mishap or make a mistake during the course. There are also head beads, which are larger than the others. This is to compensate for any mistakes or miscounts that you made in the course. Malas can also contain other precious stones at various intervals. They could contain coral or turquoise. These extra stones can sometimes be added in intervals which you use to count, for instance, following 27 beads. This will let you know that you are just 1/4 of the circuit. Counter beads add an additional count to your total beads count, which will make it 111 instead of 108. A smaller mala that has 27 beads, which is worn on the wrist, can also be used for prostitution. The smaller mala size is wrapped around your hand and repeated four times. There are other ways to make the same configuration, of 21 or 22 for instance however that's not a problem, as long as you are able to use your mala to count.

Types of Malas
There are numerous kinds of malas, ranging from ivory and bone to lapis lazuli and sandalwood or crystal or "Bodhi seed" (actually created out of Rudraksha seed) or "lotus seed" (actually made from the seed of rattan). We don't think that the kind of mala you choose to use is important for what kind or style of prayer. We think most Tibetans do not make distinctions regarding the types of malas. Monks and nuns generally use simple and basic malas for example, wooden malas. You are able to make use of any mala that you want. It is better not to think about the appearance or value of your mala, but instead focus in your practice of praying and reciting mantras. Have a look at the top rated Authentic Bodhi Seed Mala for recommendations.

[Image: pn0265-tibetan-buddhist-mala.jpg]

How To Hold And Count Your Malas
As is typical in Tibetan culture, we want to stress that there aren't any guidelines concerning malas, or how to count mantras. Everyone is different. There are some ways that you can do it but they're not as crucial as the things you want to ask for. If you're meditating with your heart while using your mala for prayer it, then you're doing the right thing! Although most sources suggest that you place your mala in your lefthand however, some Tibetans use them in their right. It is normal to hold the mala on one hand, and your prayer wheel in another. Start with the beads close to the "guru" and then use the mala as you normally would. Now, hold the mala between the thumb and index fingers. You will recite your mantra one time at a time, either slowly or loudly. Next, move to the next one and recite your mantra once more. It will be 100 mantras without needing to count the number of times. Most Tibetans at this stage don't forget the guru however, they prefer to reverse their direction by turning their mala around, starting a new circuit which is 100, and then going back to the place they came from. It's unclear why this happens. It is because we are familiar with it.

Caring for your Mala
Your mala will increase in spiritual significance as you use it and share it with teachings, and possibly have it blessed by your Guru. While it's not in and of itself as holy as an idol or a fragment of Buddhist scripture It is something that is usually treated with reverence. It should not be thrown or tossed on the ground, or covered with mundane objects. Tibetans put their malas around their necks and wrists even when they are not in use. They're not intended to be used as necklaces or to express self-deprecation instead, it is a method to display spirituality. If you're not using the pendant for a while, or are sleeping, you can hang yours in a high, clean location close to your altar. We keep it on the form of a bookcase under the altar. It is up you to decide how to treat it.

[Image: how-to-use-mala-beads.jpg]

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