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MineCrap Revamped

Two nights ago, I was messing around with DynMap (, and rendered the entire world_original. I was able to see everything everyone has done all these years as easy as Google Earth. What I saw was that around 10,000 blocks out of this MASSIVE world was that only 9% of the main and first world (world_original) was used.

This made me think... Why am I (and other servers) always adding more worlds, when we can simply add more content to one single massive world? Worlds would not have to be deleted anymore, instead, areas could just be abandoned. There would be less clutter in the databases too...

So starting now, MineCrap will undergo incriment changes until the revamp process is complete.
What is the revamp proess?
My plan is to merge worlds: Kalibus, Islands, and Rainforest.
To do this: all major structures will be copied to world_Original one-by-one. Copied structured will be claimed and the claim ownership will be set to the creator.

Example world view (like this, but greater detail and x100 bigger)

[Posted by: Plasmapod]

Actually i cant look at the dynmap cause it gives me this error when i try to visit
Server Error

403 - Forbidden: Access is denied.
You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied.

this was an old post from 6 months ago. is still down. most things dont work.

[Posted by: Plasmapod]

Oh so dynmap doesn't work on 1.8. I did see that they moved their download page from bukkit to the minecraftforum

[Posted by: MRPI8]

Hey jc bro when can we go on dynmap again?

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