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Leaving until fixed...

[Posted by: Blaze]

JesusChrist_ you rolled back way to far... half the stuff in my chest is gone now because i got it this week. All my good op weapons that i got this week are also gone. My nickname is back to the old one.. 


P.S: until this is fixed dont expect to see me on.

it was fun playing with you. sorry about the technical difficulty, i knew attempting to update was a risk but too much data was lost. this is all due to's and spigotmc's DMCA shutdown. until the legal battle is over between microsoft and the developer, MC wont be updated.

ya anybody missing stuff just needs to write me on skype.

[Posted by: Blaze]

Ok i guess i can stay. But could i tell u the enchants on my bow and sword so you can get me a new one.
they were a present from one of the admins

[Posted by: Blaze]

i dont have skype i will just tell you on here.

Sword: Sharpness 5, Fireaspect 2, knockback 2, looting 3, smite 5, bane of arthropods 4
Bow: flame 2, infinity 1, power 127, unbreaking 127

Thats all.. yes i know that is OP, but it was a gift from an admin.

Thanks jesus.

[Posted by: MRPI8]

Ooo ya i lost my sword sharp 10000 and unbreaking 699000 with looting 100888891 and my bow with power 1999882 and infi ity please give it back ro mwl
Blaze that bow of urs is hacked the very same i hold in my inventory

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