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Ive noticed that on GoB. when you are charging FS to a maximum and the click on "x" to close skills chargin window then character autamaticaly drop last item that you have did drop right before using FS. If you click FS multiple times after close FS chargin window("x") then character will drop multiple times that item and if amount is gonna be nullify then other items is gonna be drop.
It seems to be occure with other characters and other skill too. On mage I dont drop anything cuz items Ive drop as Im wearing already so got only msg " Ite can not be droped".


I'll look into this, thanks for reporting. Yes this is bad and should not happen.

Still bug is still active. It feels like it happens whenever you drag and drop something on the ground and you use a particular skill (with me it always happend if I pressed slot 1 after dropping something on the ground)

after i use altd to drop items from inventory fast, my CW is stuck, it shows still same number until i relog my game
its problematic when im overweight and dropping stuff by altd and i drop even more then i need to not be OW but my char is still walking until relog because CW is stuck

thanks. I think this is related to a SA-MP bug regarding setting vehicle rotations when no players are nearby to broadcast the update. I will have a think about ways to work around it.


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