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New World Quest Reward

I suggest to put atleast 25 g150 UIs as a reward for killing 500 mobs in New World area. Paradise gave me only one part of g150 between level 150-160.'s a continue to get gear g150 in the next area. Paradise is not enough. Even more I suggest to put 30 g150 UIs as a reward in New World or add 10 g150 UIs for BOSS killing. Balance its up to you Cayle.
Plus, You need to change rage shop. All talis gives +30 stat which is higher then New world's talis of HP, Str, Agi but not same goes for Int and Wis. While Rage shop seems to give possible the highest stats , then Int and Wis (from rage shop) should give +50 because NW area drop them in that state. You have put 1 rage coin as a reward for quest IN NW area, that's why it needs to be changed in my opinion.

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