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Some observations


I've started to play this game about for weeks ago and enjoyed allot this progress based on quests so well done! However, at the beginning all quests have been endless repeatable which made also a sense because of the high amount of reward points nened in game. Since a while this is not any more, even worse, I think it's just twice a day. Too many restrictions make this game less attractive and makes no sense and brings no overall benefits for noone. Also the implementation of a "lucky Key" would make sense as well. The chance of success for talismans is also just confusing or not working properly. A ToP with 18% chance of success failed 25 times in a row. I know that this is supposed to be randomly but statistically is a real chance of 4% which is far away from 18%. That's why I prefer to play with clean stuff intead of wasting hours with pimping&repairing.
Also the exp in party is bugged by killing bosses in party ( e.g. 2 players party-> exp is extremely lower than 1/2)
I hope you will take this information as a opportunity of improvement and not as a critic.


Magica, thank you for your review! I will make appropriate changes as you've made them clear.

I will increase the Reward Point of all quests by x2, all should be instantly repeatable - ill check it.
I will add a "Lucky Key" to the SG Shop, its a clear benefit item, etc and for sure server needs paid.
I checked and rechecked all talismans, they are working as intended. its just all about luck.
Party exp bug - this will be fixed on the next major update (which is coming at the END of this weekend.

The major update for this weekend will also include a fix for the mouse getting locked when client closes for windows 10 users,
picking pets, healing pets, and many other fixes.

Thanks for your review, I'm always working on making things better!

-GM Operator

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