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[Posted by: zwaardinreet]

Hello, after an abscence i logged in again..
3rd job was gone and npc's not working..
I went to your site and it said i had to download the beta.
So i did, but it is the exact same as the client i already had??

When is everything fixed???

What happned???

nick aka zwaardinreet/stafinreet

[Posted by: zwaardinreet]

also, the game crashes ALOT when you make kills with archer and knight.. mage is no problem..

btw cudos with the rest!!! you finally listned..

well its not all reset, its just a little rollback, this is beta to test the new exp, systems, etc.
read the v18 patch notes in the updater.

[Posted by: zwaardinreet]

ok.. so sunday will be the opening of the new server??
will al my progress be lost??
Can you please turn the 3rd back on??

EDIT: nvr mind 3rd already back..

I do have one little thing you should maybe change..

I had alot of exp items since they did not much on the old version.
I used them on my mage who now is level 125.
But since my level is to high, the mobs for g90 items are grey and do not drop.
The higher mobs are killing me because of my g70/80.
Is it posible that after lvl 101 grey mobs drop again?
for me it's now impossible to collect g90/100 and i have to wait for the g85 event every time..

greetz stafinreet your loyal player

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