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HellGate's Conversion

The Koreans have a basic simple engine, but never translated it correctly, and added way too much garbadge, so I Americanized the game. I want to know what people think of my American version of this game and maybe get some helpful feedback/suggestions as well.

I'm not posting my server's name, sorry, you'll have to keep guessing in the top100.
  • I got frustrated with the "DanBangGapFag Shorts" crap Korean item names and renamed everything for proper english. Ex: DooDooGap g46 is now Bronze g40, WhiteGayMopTip Shirt g50 is now Diamond Armor g50, KoreanScaledDoggebiCrap g55 is now Emerald g60
  • I saw the unbalanced weapon and armor inix stats so I, by calculation formulas, balanced everything from grade 1 and up from nothing - took a couple days. (Inixsoft made low grade bows have less damage than the 1-handed sword, but later on, the high grade bows have more damage than the 1-handed sword.. WHY!?.. So clearly, this whole system was just begging me to recalculate it.
  • The classes were too sketchy for my taste, so I Lowered Archer's evasion, replaced it with a health and armor increase. I recoded the mage skills to deal much more damage, then reduced her defence and evasion, but added some more health (like all mages in MMORPGs), the knight is the base of the other characters, so he contrinues with ample defense and health.
  • The grade system seemed broken, in my opinion, (why does a g70 weapon look like g65 armor? shouldn't it be a g65 weapon?) so I adjusted grades. Ex: Weapon g59 KoreanSoulShit Sword is now g60 Emerald Sword.
  • There was too much junk weapons, so I removed a lot, including g48 g50 (g53 is now g50) g56.. so there is only weapon for each grade, no more junk sets of 3.
  • I never understood why g42 (now g30) allowed a level 1 requirment, so I made fixed that to where you actually have to be lvl26-30 to wear it.
  • I didn't like how you could add "Imperial" to a g50 weapon, and that weapon would turn from a beautiful white diamond, into ugly red "pain" crap. I fixed this by replacing the "imperial pain", into the phantom versions.
Theres a couple hundred things I converted into an American standard that I can't list here for discussion, but you get the point.

One thing that bothered my very much was the "DSS" System, (the name, to me, sounds gay within itself.. come on.. "Dragon Spirit?", really?). The stats are unbalanced and overpowered for a simple buff, in my opinion, so I completely trashed the Korean DSS crap and created a real Imperial system (adds 10% all stats to the weapon), being that weapons already had the name, "Imperial", I changed the name to "Royal", so that now both weapons and armor can both have Imperial status.

To my disgust, Inixsoft added DSSv2, so I thought I would go further and add a Rage system and Vengeance system to take it's place.

Bead of Fire sounded gay to me, so I renamed it Blaze and added it to weapons as well.
The images of upgraded gear never represented the upgrade itself, so I thought it would be proper to design and add another 600 item images to the hypertext.

My new Blaze,Imperial,Rage,Vengeance system can be added to all armors as well.
Thanks to  Darn's release of lvl1-255, I was able to extend the American versions's armors: g1,g10,g15,g20,g25,g30,g40,g50,g60,g70,g80,g90,g100,g110,g120.
I edited most 2nd job skill damages so that they dont become useless at higher levels as well as created IceArrow for the old engine most of us use (I gave Ice Arrow to the CJB/MA because she doesn't really get any good 3rd job attack skills, in my opinion.)
I went ahead and recalculated all mobs from nothing because I saw that the Doggebis had the same exp as the Masks, but had x2 the HP.. I've been disgusted by this for a very long time so I had no choice but to recalculate every mob.

The "Imperial" (now Royal), who would of thought, actually has a grade 40 bronze version (see archer's bow pic below)
I removed Health,Mana,Attack from all Talismans; again, I don't like the Korean(int) version at all.

So this is my food-for-thought.


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