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SubGlobal's New Project - An Online FPS

Hello SubGlobal community!

After having our Minecraft server, SubCraft, online for 3 years with over 42,000 users, we created our very own MMORPG called SubGlobal Online with over 13,000 users. After SubGlobal Online, we published Tripwire Interactive's Killing Floor 2 with a massive 5,000 player FPS server.

We then decided to take SubGlobal a step further and registered SubGlobal for a corporate business license. Since we have now 3 active online games developed and published, we started up two online businesses, selling headsets, microphones and food for gamers; &

Now we're taking things to the next level

We are now working on a next-generation platform, using the latest high-tech game development engine on the market. We are building a Massive Online FPS game. The name of this game is currently top secret. We are building a game that has never been created before; it is a mixture of concepts from the following titles: BattleField, PlanetSide, Delta Force 2, Mass Effect, Pay Day 2, and a few other titles. We are also including features and game modes that have never been introduced in a game ever before; making this an untouched nitch in a gaming industry.

I myself am very happy and deeply touched by this community; both on and off the forums. You people have given me hope when all was lost, and helped me through very difficult times. This hobby is now turned into a game development and publishing company, and I owe everything to the users. Who knows, I could be the next Markus Persson (creator of Minecraft & Mojang).

Here are some screenshots of our new project, which started 1 day ago.

Cool! Cant wait!

Is that just the entire map? Also pls release alpha

This is just the v0.1 Alpha map. The actual game will have a presistant world hundreds of miles around. It will take place on the contenent of Africa.

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