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Paying Players To Play

#1 is going to try an approach which pays players to play HellGate Online. Yes, *pays players to play*. You're wondering how this business model works; I'll gladly explain.

For every 30 minutes a player is logged in, an "Attendance Coin" is generated into their inventory. These coins collect over time which then you can then exchange 500 Attendance Coins for $1.00 USD, or 10 SG Coins.

The idea is that this new method will lure in more players, influencing them to play more. Once a player collects their first payment, it is likely that the user will tell his/her friends about it via social networking sites, thus bringing in more users.

Users are allowed to log in as many accounts as they want to generate more Attendance Coins.

Rate: 1000/$1.00

1 account logged in for 15 days = 720 Attendance Coins. / $0.72
20 accounts logged in for 15 days = 14,400 Attendance Coins. / $14.40
50 accounts logged in for 15 days = 36,000 Attendance Coins. / $36.00

All payments are processed via paypal as a donation to the user so that no tax is deducted - you earned it!

Sad to say, this system has been discontinued.

Thanks to all who participated and received money!

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