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Opening a private World of Warcraft server.

Okay, folks, I put some thought into this; I'm opening a private World of Warcraft server. I never played the game before; always ignored it because its not in my taste. But for some reason, people all over the world are obsessed with this game and lay down their college funds on it, so I figure I'll open a private server and see how it goes.

The average online population of these servers are 2,000 ~ 28,000 online players. I have the server files and the resources to make this happen. I read a news article that a server developer was sued for $88 MILLION dollars by Blizzard (owners of the Warcraft game), and that the company opened another server the week after because they already made over, what is rumored, over $200 MILLION.

From what I see, this is definietly worth developing and publishing here at SubGlobal. We already have our own MMORPG, HellGate Online (about to be renamed to Hell's Gate due to trademark laws), but we simply do not have the user-base. From what I've gathered thus far, SubGlobal can profit $11,000/month after the first year of development of this new server.

I'm taking this money and reinvesting it in my patents for my inventions, trademarks, and giving back to the subglobal community by opening a revamped SubG Benefits database & distribution, then I'll continue my current legal battle with Microsoft. Big things are happening... Big things...

I won't bag on WoW,. I'll just say Norrath

I wouldn't mind getting back into WoW if we started a private server. I stopped playing at level 40 b/c had no one to play with.

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