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Company Progress & Plans

Hey guys! It's been very exciting to put this whole sha-bang together and I couldn't have done it without your donations and very well-appreciated support. MineCrap has had 24,759 members online!!

I'm working on getting the forum more professional and working on bugs in the MineCrap plugins to where the MineCrap server will be self-sufficient. I can't thank my staff enough; WhatWordsMiss, Len_Wesker, and Tuovicrook. I am putting the next game I am planning to host on hold (Dekaron) until I get HellGate completely stable and for free public access.

By the end of this year, I am applying SubGlobal as a legitimate business. This all started by a dream I had back on 8/8/2012 and now it being almost 1 year later - I cannot believe how much has been accomplished in less than a year! I am purchasing Facebook and Google ads for SubGlobal Gaming and working hard on new ways to get our name out there as a gaming publisher like, or

For so much accomplished under 1 year, this has only been accelerating. The goal for this coming January 15th is for MineCrap to become a leading server community for Minecraft for 100+ online members, for HellGate to have an active community just like MineCrap but with 60+ online, SubGlobal to be a legitimate company, these forums to be active and alive like, or, and finally start work on the 3rd game hosted by SubGlobal.

This will be a wonderful adventure and I hope you guys stay along for the ride because without y'all, there would be nothing here at all.

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