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exphos24 server staff application - Recovery - 06-05-2014

[Posted by: exphos24]

Name: Seb Jordan
How long have you player Minecraft?:
Since the begining.
How long have you been with MineCrap?:
Just after it started.

Do you have previous staff history with other servers?: Yes
If so, which?: It was on a small private server.
If no longer staff, why aren't you now?:
I gave it up so i could dedicate my time to this server.

How often do you play Minecraft?Big Grinaily

Why do you believe you should be MineCrap Staff?:
Since I have been on when it first started I think I should be staff for being loyal and trust worthy. I only left for a few months beacause I went away to another country, but I never Forgot how welcoming Minecrap has been to me and how friendly they have been. So my one dream was to give somthing back to minecrap in return for what they have done for me. I can answer many questions and I am fun kind and responsible with my actions. I can knuckle down on spammers, abusers, rasicm and advertisers once and for all. Minecrap has changed me over the years and made me a more mature person. I love meeting new people and helping others. My goal was always to become an admin. I do hope my dream comes true.

Space for more information/comments you would like to contribute: By the way JesusChrist thanks for helping me not become a noob and guide me into the ways off minecraft. Also Tuovicrook said I would be a great admin.

Thank you very much for reading.

RE: exphos24 server staff application - SoggyCow - 06-09-2014

thanks, ill keep this when needed.