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Rules & Guidelines - SoggyCow - 07-25-2013

1. MineCrap Terms of Use
The regulations goal of SubGlobal's Minecraft server ("MineCrap"), is to have a totally rule-free enviroment, with the exception of very few rules protecting our users from abuse as Minecraft's age limit is 5+.

1.1 MineCrap User-Protecting Rules
- Asking users for their Minecraft account information results in a 48-hour chat mute, with a notification of the reason why you were muted.
- Asking users for their personal information such as home address, or demanding contact information (email, or phone number), or financial information shall result in total account ban without notice.

1.2 MineCrap Suspension Appeal
Banned/Muted users are able to appeal their suspension on the SubGlobal Forums in the appropriate section.