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Is Cussing Banable? - Recovery - 07-07-2015

[Posted by: SivaBirdie]

I have a question is cursing banable or jailable ? Seeing the fact nobody cares what they say while they are offending regular players randomly
I have been offended by a lot of players by me starting fights when something dumb happens like "oh I'm out of claim blocks" "lol" "Shut the fuck of bitch"
It seems to happen a lot ):

RE: Is Cussing Banable? - SoggyCow - 07-07-2015

No, cursing isn't bannable, you can get muted for a while though.

RE: Is Cussing Banable? - Recovery - 07-08-2015

[Posted by: waetermite]

lol thats what happened to me... still banned
so can i be unbanned and muted plz?
it was supossed to be a 24 hour ban its been like 5 days

RE: Is Cussing Banable? - Recovery - 07-12-2015

[Posted by: SivaBirdie]

Well Thanks Guys. But When Alclace Is On Hes Very Rude And Doesn't Deal With Things Well Like , Spam Kicking Someone Or Muting Them For 300 days.

RE: Is Cussing Banable? - SoggyCow - 07-12-2015

Thanks for reporting this, something tells me Alclace won't be here for very much longer as hes becoming a sadist.