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Full Version: my ideas
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ADD more ranks
and should not be able to buy mod/admin for they should be staff and giving to peopel you trust and not be bought for money
but ranks as page/king/knight/sir rank for ranks and what power they should have and
and plugin to use /kit wood gives wooden tools (stone/diamond/wool)
and change the fourm background so its not white and work abit more on the forum style
and a rank builder that only got fly so remove so people dont got builder any more 
used for people that want to build more
and plugin to be able to use /chest /workbench to be able to get a chest/workbench inventory out from no where
maybe change the price on market abit
give out the site where we should vote for we cant find those site for you website you show in tutorial dosent work
get some staff people
get some events like building events so on what ever you can think of
make the nether smaller so it dont lag so much by remove some nether blocks so nether is not so big
fucking awesome, ill be implementing a lot of this