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Full Version: I need to add new links
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Get the recommended installer for 1.8 forge.

Once downloaded open it

U should come up with a window that offers 3 thing or 2

Tick the box that says, install clients. then press done

Then download the 1.8 shaders mod here

Ok Go to ur RUN or File Explore

Go to the top and type %appdata%

Go to .minecraft

If u see MODS click it and drag the file u just downloaded in there

Ok run the minecraft FORGE, You need to select forge on versions in edit profile on the launcher

Then close minecraft 

Then go back to %appdata% and then .minecraft, u should see a new file called Shadders or shadderpack

Drag the file from the attachment into there and it should work Big Grin 

Note that you have to enable in when you play, I think you can see the correct button on the main menu

Note   The shadder Zip files that can be downloaded below work for all version of forge and shadders mod good day


keep this topic updates.
[Posted by: MRPI8]

? ok i will do when new update comes out
[Posted by: MRPI8]

Added new shadder pack now u have choice
[Posted by: MRPI8]

Rudo makes leaves move but seus makes crops and plants move