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Full Version: Roller Coaster!!!!!
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Hey all the players of MineCrap!!! I have built a little roller coaster in the server spawn! you can do (/warp coaster) to get to it or walk behind spawn. I am planning on building little things like this to keep players interested! I will move and roller coaster and make it bigger when i finish making a little "Game" area. The warp will still be the same! So try it out!
Its shit u cant even place down the minecart
Blaze, I removed your admin rank.
The reason why you were given admin rank to begin with is because you needed creative to build something last month. Since then, you've given other players ranks/powers, edited the spawn, (which I had to do a rollback to fix..) and god knows what else.
You went from only building 1 thing in creative to believing you can run, appoint staff, and edit the server as you like.
It went to your head and I won't even be considering anybody for mod/admin for a very long time now.
I didnt give anyone ranks/powers. Thank you very much have a good day. Good Bye.
Btw. I rightfully reserve The rank i was before i was mod. Elite. But what ever since you all mad at me for stuff i didnt do.
And btw when i edited spawn i was trying to help the server. There is only a few staff. and hardly any players. That is all i have to say.
It wasnt my fault
I'm not mad, and you're getting your Elite rank back, you're a valued member and I just want you to recognize that your rank was temporary to begin with.
Also, me and the other admins decided on a new name for MineCrap - something easier and better to remember.
All plugins are getting deleted, server upgraded, and new plugins added. Currently there are about 80 plugins, we hope to trim those down to 50 or so.
This server has been sick and empty for some time now, and there was a discussion either to close it forever, or give it one last chance to revive it.
Currently, I'm developing and publishing an MMORPG called SubGlobal Online (formally known as HellGate Online), publishing an MMOFPS game called Killing Floor 2, and developing my own MMOFPS using the Unity Engine; so my attention has been away from Minecraft.

After our minecraft server is revived with new files (not resetting maps), advertisments up, I am handing server ownership over to the current admins so I can focus on making subglobal like or as thats my main focus here.
Jesus. Who are the admins that still play? I was mod until you made me admin temp. So shouldnt i be mod? or no? Becuase last time i checked there arent even any active admins. but ok.
and btw i use to own a server. Can you please give me a shot with admin. I wont edit spawn anymore and i have learned my lesson. and i didnt give anybody ranks or permissions. i forgot how to do that anyway. I play alot and can be on to monitor the server. if you want it would be an honor to become Admin on MineCrap. It is pretty much ym dream ever since i started about 4 years ago. even if i dont. i will keep playing until i can fufill this.

lol blaze is mad
Who are the admins that still play? Not you.