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Full Version: Jesus Queston.
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[Posted by: Blaze]

Hey JesusChrist_ Me and Ethan are both mods and are buidling an Arcade for players in world original. Do you think we could get OP so we can provide the equipment and blocks needed. It is to expensive to build with in-game money. The OP will not be permanet and you can De-op us after we are done. This arcade will be a fun activity for everyone on the server.

Thanks for the help if you can.

PS: if you don't want to give us op, creative and worldedit powers is all we need to build it.
[Posted by: Blaze]

Hey jesus i know i am only Temp admin while we do the project. (wich is coming along great!) But i have a queston. Can i be permanet admin since i am the only admin ever on. Tuovicrook hasnt been on in 15 days. Ace isnt on much. and the others just dont join. I was thinking since we have alot of active mods if i could just be promoted to permantly admin. It is good to have atleast one admin on alot. People listen to admins more than mods. btw We have almost 2 arcade games done! shootin zombies and Claw machine. If i am not permanet admin i still need op till the project is done so i can use command blocks for some of games.
Thanks for keeping in touch - unfortunately, I won't be giving OP to anymore people as there are factors that play in this.
You may use the creative system at your own pleasure for this project.
[Posted by: Blaze]

Ok thx jesus.