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MineCrap Updates 2012 - 2014

- World integration process has been completed.
- URL: is now active.
- Plugins updated.
- Server files updates.

~Integration of worlds notice has been published.
- Worlds merging on 7/7/2014.
- The following worlds will merge into "World_Original"
- The following worlds will merge into "World_PlotWorld

- Created custom mobs.
*All monsters now have 100%-200% more HP, and 200%-300% attack damage.
- Allowed guns to be fired at spawn.
- Updated MineCrap @ SubGlobal websites.

~MiniGames Update
- Added BomberCraft
- Added Last Man Standing
- Added Race
- Added Team Deathmatch
- Added Spleef
- Added Treasure Hunt
- Added Capture The Flag
- Added Infection

- Added a Jail system.
- Added better, more simple rules for the game.
- Added DJ Club Area
- Reconfigured for better performance.

- Modified the anti-hack system so that drug effects are not functional.
- Modified Rank Room.
*The personal Guard robot can now be purchased from there.
- Removed [Iron] rank from the system. All [Iron]-ranked players will progress to [Gold] rank.
- Removed world: Moon.

- Added new world, "Space"
*This new world is completely empty and chunkless - the community must build the whole world themselves.
- Added new rank: [Elite]
*This rank has complete access to all commands including Premium Add-Ons.
- Notice: Moon world will be deleted on 5/15/2014 as it is hardly used as what was anticipated.
- Removed [Stone] rank from the system. All [Stone]-ranked players will progress to [Iron] rank.

- Added new sign system.
- Updated all ranks.
*Non-Donation ranks now go from Rank 1 - 10, then continues on to Wood - Elite.
- Added new plugins.
*Server now runs on over 70 plugins!
- Added countless new features.
- Removed "Doom" world and moved it to "Gaming" world to better performance.
- Fixed over 20 issues/bugs within MineCrap.

- Moved MineCrap's database to a new root server with runs on Solid State Drives and 64Gigs of RAM @ 1600MHz.

- Updated MineCrap to the new UUID System by Mojang.
- Added new MiniGame plugins.

~MineCrap website has been revamped~
- The United States Government has issued Copyright & Trademark
rights to the MineCrap owner (see bottom of page or click site logo).
*MineCrap's integrity is now backed by the United States and three lawyers.
- Donation page now has an automatic service codes.
*When purchasing something from the website, your items/rank will now
automatically be sent to your inventory.
- Guide & Tutorials page has been completely reconstructed and now
provides a detailed list of all game information and crafting recipes.
*(47% Complete).
- Added more content to the site index.
- MineCrap now owns a 256-user TeamSpeak server!
*Address: TS.SubGlobal.Net

- Added scrolling signs to the server.
*These signs carry much more information as the text scrolls to the left.
- Added new TAB system.
*By pressing the TAB key, you can now see a complete new feature.

- Gun reload instructions are now embedded within gun information.

- Added a better Mute plugin.
- Fixed spawn FPS lag by moving the market to another location.
*The market's itemframes caused much stress on CPUs, causing FPS lag.

- Added a more safe and effective Jail plugin.
- Flushed database from all jailed players.
*63 Users were found to be permanently jailed.
*As a precaution, Essentials Jail was removed from the database,
and a new.
- Reconfigured all ranks

- Added SkyBlock!
- Fixed bug at spawn that caused low FPS.

- Added Bounty
*Players can now set a bounty on any other player.
*The player that kills the user with the bounty will receive the money.
- Added more server security.
- Fixed all worlds from not being able to plant water & lava.
*Dumping water and lava is now legal.

- Added minigame; Paintball.
- Fixed bug causing AntiCheat system to fail.

- Removed GriefPrevention BANS!
*Found out people were being banned by the plugin GriefPrevention.
*MineCrap has a NO-BAN policy.
- Added McMMO
*Get exp for killing mobs and level up by doing things.
- Added a better airplane plugin.
*More stable and sufficient than before.
- Added More Minigames!
*PvP - Like a TDM arena.
*Mob - Survive wave after wave of mobs.
*Conquest - Conquest styled game from Battlefield 3.
*King of the Hill KOTH - FFA King of the hill, you need to stand on a 
point for an accumulative 60 seconds to win.
*Bomb - TDM arena, red team is attacking bomb points, blue team is 
defending them. To cap a point, stand on it for 10 second, to defend 
a point, stand on it for 10 seconds.
*FFA - Every one for themselves, in a stock FFA match, users have 4 
lives, the last one alive wins.
*Spleef - Players attempt to break blocks below their opponents to kill 
them. Last one alive wins.
*Hunger - Based off of the popular book/movie, players spawn in a 
large arena and fight to the death using materials they find in the wild. 
Last player alive wins.
*Infect - 1 player spawns as the "infected", their goal is to kill all the 
*CTF - Players are split into two teams. The goal is to capture the 
other team's flag and bring it back to their own base.
- Added CrackShot plugin to MineCrap! Guns are back!
*MineCrap now has x20 more guns than before.
*This includes grenades, remote bombs, airstrikes, and yes, rifles.
- Updated server files for performance and stability increase.
- Fixed DisguiseCraft plugin; now working again.
- Fixed Itemframes in market; can no longer be destroyed.

- MineCrap is now a Spigot Server.
*Spigot is designed for larger servers and prevent lag.
*Changing MineCrap's infrastructure from Bukkit to Spigot has increased
performance by 64%!

- Updated Bukkit Server & plugins.
- Fixed disguise command and bomberman command.

- Updated MineCrap to 1.7.2!
*MineCrap is hosted on a 1,000Mb/s server for forever lagless gameplay.

- Created "Game World"
- Added *Game* Bomberman, to Game World.

- Updated server to Bukkit v1.7.5

- Updated server to Bukkit v1.7.4

- MineCrap added to a 100mbit up/down root.
*MineCrap will no longer have connection lag.
*More than 600 players can now enjoy MineCrap at once.
- Removed PVPGunsPlus.
- Added CrackShot plugin.
- Added ZombieSurvival plugin.

- MineCrap is being moved to a new permanent host.
- Lagless gameplay and faster processing.

- Moved SubGlobal Network (MineCrap, HellGate, Forums; everything) to new, faster, more reliable web host.

- Updated to 1.6.2!
- Temporarily removed Drugs as the plugin is causing errors/lag

- Reformatted entire system.
*Faster speeds

- Updated server to 1.6.1!
- Expanded server market for new items.
- Added new dynmap features; Mobs, Claims - now visable.
- Rendered worlds: Original and Islands @ website.

~NOTICE: 23,509 people have logged into MineCrap!
- Added kurtd24 & ploopyman1010 as moderators.

- Upgraded Anti-Hack system from NoCheatPlus to AntiCheat.
- Renovation of the market; MineCrap market has been organized and reengeneered.
*MineCrap now has the simplest market above all other servers.
- Bug fixes in Doom.

- Added drugs to the server
*Become a drug dealer.

- Removed creative worlds: Infiniry and Imperial City
- Added new creative world: Creative
*Creative is now open to all ranks.
- More ammo added to Mob Arena classes.
- Red Zone PVP is now working
- Dynmap @ has been purged and renewed.
- Plugins updated.
- Bugs fixed.

- Herobrine has entered MineCrap..
- Players can now see both player and mob HP above their head.
- Added custom text under Gold Nuggets and all money like it.

- All guns are now 50% off.
- Rocket Launcher is now available in the market.

- New world added, "First Backup"
*This is the 8/29/2012 backup of Minecrap when the server first started.

- Added new world, "Rainforest"
- All worlds are now PvP except the spawn world

- Added ChestShop
*Players can now buy/sell items from their own chests.
- Removed the Chess minigame.

- Moved the MineCrap server files to a x7 times more powerful machine.
*This will forever stop the game's lag and will be similar to lagless singleplayer.
- Updated Lockett plugin.

- Updated plugins
- Adjusted gun damage levels
- Added Ultimate Arena
- Changed spawn world by adding a new gun pvp arena
- Ender Dragon no longer creates a portal on death
- Fixed hopper chest stealing exploit

- Updated server to 1.5.2
- Updated custom texture pack
- Added HellGate Online to SubGlobal games
- Added mining world
- Reset Nether and TheEnd

- Updated server to 1.5.1
- Updated plugins

- Placed order for the new $530 server.
- Updated 25 of 48 plugins.
- Backed up server.

- Fixed the anti-hack system's "FastPlace" bug.
- Replace Enchanter with TimTheEnchanter java plugin.
- Removed EpicBossRecoded plugin until a more stable boss plugin is found.
- Updated the Paypal donation button to make it more simple to donate.

- Opened 2nd MineCrap server, (Test Server).
- Recoded MineCrap Boss.
- Added administrative user possession.
- Reduced MineCrap server's connection delay.

- Upgraded server from 1.4.6-R0.3 to 1.4.7-R0.2
- Added 2nd internet line to server for security and quality measures.
- Added real airplanes! Airplanes can also shoot arrows.
- Added real physics system.
- Added new teleport system.
- Added turret system.
- Added new enchantment system.
- Added special effects system.
- Added custom boss monsters.
- Added jukebox looping.
- Added NPC robots
- Updated all guns specifications.
- Updated MineCrap custom texture pack.
- Updated item names.
- Updated automatic motd.
- Updated rules.

- Added three new worlds to the server, Doom (PvE), The Moon (Survival), Imperial City (Creative).
- Updated plugins.
- Added Len_Wesker to the Administrative Team.
- Updated item texts.
- Removed NPC robots

- Upgraded server RAM from 6Gigs to 8Gigs!

- Upgraded server RAM from 6Gigs to 8Gigs!

- Updated MineCrap's custom texture pack.
- Removed plugins; KeepItems, and ButtonWarp, as they are no longer needed.
- Updated server to CraftBukkit 1.4.7!
- Added Command Blocks to the server.
- Replaced plugin, TimTheEnchanter with "Enchanter"
- Updated 43+ plugins!
- Optimized server database permissions.
- Fixed the on-going server crashes; server now online 24/7 with 99% up-time.

• Updated server from CraftBukkit 1.4.5 to 1.4.6!
• Updated 20 Plugins.
• Removed plugins; War, TimTheEnchanter, and MobArena.
• Added plugins; UltimateArena, ChessCraft, and six others.
• Added robot cyborg NPCs to the server.

• Enabled TNT!

• Starting development of two new worlds, "Zombie Apocalypse" and "Moon"
• Zombie Horror; Cabin in the woods, zombies all around you, will you survive?
• Moon; Land on the moon, build a base, survive the monsters!

• Added +2Gigs or RAM to the server, totaling to now 6Gigs.
• Updated CraftBukkit and Plugins.

• Added new 1.4.5 items to Market.
• Removed underground exploration area under Spawn.
• Updated MineCrap's custom texture pack.

• Created office for [Owner] in world, "Spawn"
• Created a PVP area in the Spawn.

• Enhanced gun's damage.
• Created custom texture pack for MineCrap.

• Updated all plugins and fixed server bugs.
• Fixed Mob Arena exploit.

• Added real guns to the server; Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle,
Sniper, Rocket Launcher, and Grenade.

• Removed world, "Apocalypse" as it was never played on
and used much needed memory resources.

• Created custom texture pack for MineCrap
• Added new [Mod], "super_nova88" to server staff.

• Added new world: "Porn Land"

• Updated server to v1.4.5

• Fixed major glitch, updated server & plugins

• New world: "War Room", has been created! Fight armies of 
monsters and PVP!

• Server has been updated to v1.4.2

• Five hour maintenance; manually reconstruction database,
plugin configs, and java scripts.

• Major server reconstruction has been completed; the 
original spawn has been moved to the new hub world. 
• The old spawn world is now named "Original World". 
• The new hub world is tiny and limited; when you first join 
MineCrap, you will start here, then select a world that you 
would like to enter in the teleport room. This is the new
framework of MineCrap.

• Added new world, "Islands".

• Monster Arena rewards have been reduced by 50%.
• MineCrap forums have been deleted as the SubGlobal 
Network forums now have a MineCrap section.

• MineCrap forums have been merged in with the 
SubGlobal Network forums.
• New 32Gig Ram server has been constructed and
pending order.

• New ranks added to server; [Guest], [Wood], [Stone], 
[Iron], [Gold], [Diamond].
• Permissions are now 100% complete.
• SafeCraft has been renamed to MineCrap
• The SubGlobal Network project has begun.

• New gaming network is grawn out, blueprints ready.

• Hunger Games removed, replaced with 
Survival Games.
• Added more commands to the online list.
• Changed permissions for [Guest] and [Donator] ranks.

• Hunger Games added to the server!
• Command list for all ranks added to tutorials section on 
server website.
• Ksungj is now server Moderator

9/20/2012 - Added new creative world "Infinity"
• Only donators with specific ranks can use creative.

• Added new world "Apocalypse"
• New server moderator "Aero14614" added to server staff.

• Added new warp system and world-inventory database.

• New updates include, spawn guard and MobArena bots. 
• A creative world has been added for donators.
• Permissions has been added to the database.
• Plugins updated.
• Server Map has been added to the website.

• Updated 18 plugins.

• New world "Kalibus" added.

• New ranks added to the system.

• Added forum.

• Grief Prevention plugin added

• Donation page added.

• Website created.

• Experimental code added to database.

• New v1.3.2 world has been generated.

• Server DNS has been created.

• SafeCraft server has been created.

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