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Commands not working!

i am supose to have /thru but it doesnt work.. mrp also has this problem.

ill look into it in the morning

Hi Jesus,
I sent you a mail about original world problem, Plz look into that . I am unable to paste chrises house from creative into plot map. ? The plots are a tad small also. I was thinking that you could make a 50X50 map also. Maybe players pay for rank up to use bigger ones ?
ok I saw the sighn at plot world that has the command for world edit and it worked. players can not use /plotme add [name]  to allow other players to alter there plot. I used /plot add to fix that for them but /plotme add told chriss that he doesnt have permision for that command.

there is a command on a sign in plotworld that enables worldedit in plotme

/thru is now working.

To use world edit it plot wolrd u need to type this comma d /plotme weanywhere
U cannot get a map for 50x50 plots u have to increase plot sizes in plotme config or u can just have my config

JC The map has already been created in order to make the plots bigger u shall have to delete plotoworld and import again or make another world with Plotme generaion
One of the Main plotme perm codes is plotme.use if u havnt got that in there yet jesus some of the fetures will be removed

aww.. well.. is it really that bad?

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