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Subglobal V2

Hello i have some ideas about the 2nd server,

1. Exp, Drop rate of Server  50-80x  
2. Dont use the max lvl 255. 
3 Areas changed into lvls like d1 for 30 , d2 for 40 , d3, Foe  for 50 , d4 for 55, d5[top] 60 , emok 65, d5 battlefield for 70 ship of nightmare for 80+ and so on 
4. change the stuffs back to normal lvls  dogebbi armor for 55 / golden armor for lvl 60 etc. and make drops g65 / g70 for boss area / g75 + quest items 
5. Pimp Sytsem is really well and dont need to change. 

I see now on Devah kal how much players play cuz its classic and if u want have much players do it a bit classic still like internationkal.

interesting suggestion, but to change all areas and armor would require me to recode the whole game and i just dont have it in my to do it.

im inspired to create SGO using the Unreal Engine with WASD movment and put it on Steam. Until then, im going to keep updating SGO and use SGO as a blueprint for the new engine Smile

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