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10/25/2015 - SubGlobal Online v20.3.0 (Update #198)

- Added Mining Ore to the crafting requirments of potions.
- Added Mining Ore to the crafting requirments of revive scrolls.
- Added Mining Ore to the crafting requirments of all gear.
- Added 4 new ToPs (Armor Upgrades); Warrior, Ranger, Guard, and Dark Magic. Despotic, Revenge, Ruinous, and Glorious have been replaced by these new Upgrade Items with new stats.
- Updated all drop tables; all mobs now drop Upgrade Items.
- Increased drop rate of D3 Summon Mirrors by 50%.
- Increased Skillbook of Bow Mastery from g12 to g100.
- Increased Skillbook of Call of Recovery from G20 to G30.
- Increased Skillbook of Powerful Upwars Slash from G5 to G6.
- Increased Skillbook of Halfswing from G15 to G20.
- Increased Intelligence from 5 to 10 on Talisman of Wonder.
- Increased Wisdom from 5 to 10 on Talisman of Wonder.
- Lowered Quest Item crafting requirments for G90 Gear by 50%.
- Lowered success rate of all R-B-I-R-V Upgrades from 20% to 10%.
- Lowered success rate of 5/1 Talismans of Wonder from 39% to 5%.
- Lowered success rate of Armor Upgrade Items from 17% to 5%.
- Renamed Talisman of Wonder to Accessory Upgrade.
- Renamed Talisman of Protection to Armor Upgrade.
- Renamed Talisman of Infensification to Weapon Upgrade.
- Removed Chance Capture Skill from Archers.
*This skill was too strong as it gave +13% more Critical Chance.
*By removing this skill, Archers and Knights have the same rate.
*Archer's Bow Mastery increased to compensate for more balance.
- Removed most junk upgrade drops from the drop tables.
- Fixed all "NULL" text errors from all Upgrade Items.
- Fixed an issue with the Mined Ores.
- Fixed a few grammar errors around the game.

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