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[Posted by: we12347]

okay i whent to the format of jesusecrist_ hope theis one is way better

my age is 9. ive started minecraft in may when i was 8.

ive been playing safecraft for a month. i had a good time on the server.

i lived in plainfeild at first when i got the server after a while we got a house in yorkvill and my family moved there.

i belive that i shold be a safecraft staff because its cool to fly and have creative and help ppl

i whent on alot of other servers i will say 1 i played on a server called icecraft but ive been grifed so many time i dont go on the server anymore]:

my langes english [of corse] my other 1 is italian

my favorite color is green

my favorite food is bacon

the worst place ive evor been to is school

i like indoors better than outdoors

my favorite mob or animal is a pig

plz rate 5 sub to this tread and say good commetes

[more coming soon]

[Posted by: Ghilliesmaster]

I think we have a winner... *Sarcasm

[Posted by: Aero14614]

Perhaps you should follow the format JesusChrist_ set out for the applications instead of just saying you want to be a mod. Either that or elaborate...a this big [--------------------] *pretend that's my hands spread out wide*

currently i dont have any more room for mods. i am also very busy constructing this huge gaming network. If you want examples of what i am making see these sites:,,

[Posted by: we12347]

guys i edited it should be better

[Posted by: we12347]

sry cant be 1 anymore i got banned

[Posted by: we12347]

im unbanned now i can be a mod if applaciton is accepted

no, you're not mature enough.

[Posted by: we12347]

Did u read more coming soon

Your application has been REVOKED! You were caught abusing a glitch in the server.
Application CLOSED!

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