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Skill suggestion

Recomended update for commanders skill PWW (Powerful widening wound), since at this moment is useless (dmg is really low).
Recomended update for cjb/ma, healing compared to dmg from mobs is really low.

Sincerely Slow Smile


I'll add PWW skillbooks for the commander's Awakening NPC, as well as for the CJB/MA.

about that healing for MA. At begining I thought its too low aswell but if you got full wisdom then it heals like 3k. seems to be ok againts 15k dmg ( for example) so you need party with 2 or 3 healers. Maybe like +500 hp or max +1k hp its going to be enough as base heal. I would say to give some extra grade to Heal skill. This skill is very underated and here it could be very good with some changes. Normaly it heal 300 hp but If its going to heal like 1k with one click then its starts to make sens. Ofc you need to test it to no overpowred it.

ahh yeah, for sure, healing needs skillbooks now lol

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