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Love the server / imperfects

I really love this server !  Great job with rebalancing the monsters, skills, armors and weapons !

I hate to complain, but on the 3rd job quest, I am not seeing an increase in the imperfect drop rate.  If we did not have 2x event, well, I just hope event stays on...

Also, I hope storms will be fixed soon.  Having g8 storms and not being able to try them out is driving me crazy !

As a mage I would also like to see Thunder skill as auto attack.   And fire blow with faster cast time.

One other question about storms...  they can be skilled at level 51, which is cool, except that ice storm requires ice restriction - level 56, thunder storm requires chain lightning - level 59, and fire storm requires explosive burst - level 64.  Is that something you plan to change ?   I have often thought it would be really cool to see a server where all skills were available 20 levels lower (for example, splashy at level 14 instead of 34, etc)   and this is the first server that comes close to that.

Thanks for the great server !

Great suggestion! Yes, I'll lower some more skills. Currently my goal is to fix summon scrolls, then fix casting skills (storm, poison cloud, etc). I fixed this issue before, its not very hard, probably take me 20 minutes but first I need to fix summon scrolls. The damage of mage g8 storms are amazing. They are 1000 damage each hit and hit 8 times in 16 seconds!

Mage has been changed into a damage dealer like on most mmorpgs. I have future plans to increase the mage's power even more, and decreasing it's defense, making the mage a "glass cannon".

Archers have less evasion as you probably know, making the archer finally balanced. I do not make up new stats in my head, I have everything calculated perfectly.

If anybody is wondering if HellGate will shutdown, no, HellGate is part of SubGlobal, and all SubGlobal games are hosted on a 1gig/s, 48gig Ram, 8/24cpu core dedicated host. I have no plans to shut down SubGlobal as it is my company, as well as ever "reset" any of it's games.

Sorry is things are running slow as I am one person in charge of all HellGate development, and MineCrap development. I will try getting the x5,000 HellGate server online this week.


if u increase the imperfect element drop
the game no need download any files?
today i open the updater and i see new update :
- Corrected g80-g100 armor stats.
- Increased Element drop rate @ FoE.

but updater no donwload new files so update dosent work!!!!
and me and Triana played on foe big area and 60+ mobs dropped 7-8 imp only
so your update is not work
we need more imperfects drop to make 3rd JC
and need 20 perfect element
1 perfect = 20 imperfect  20 perfect = 400 impeerfect 5x20 perfect = 2000 imperfect
so we need get 2000 imperceft
and if anyone no have mage to help collect the element he nee some days to finish it

if change 3rd jc quest
  - 20 perfect to 10 perfect
  - or u make better drop rate

server was playable and some ppl want to join use

"""but updater no donwload new files so update dosent work!!!!"""

You dont need to download anything for drop rates to be changed..
If you have 3rd job, the drop rate is about 5 imp per lure. just find a nice party and splash.
The imp drop rate here is better than most servers.

unitedMMO low rate server too
lowest from this server and have better imp drop

ok then go play unitedmmo if u dont like the drop rate here

-.- i just tell u that
and i have char on unitedmmo but dont like the serververy low exp

and not only my problem that
only mages can farm imperfets fast
mage use splashy and kill some mobs
archer and kn8 can kill only 1 by 1

ill try and compensate.
knight has a very powerful provocation of blow skill.
ill see about making the archer's poison cloud g6 so a lure dies quickly.
balances shit out.

and sorry ive not been on, ill stop putting off fixing the skills and i will do it right this moment. - or at least try.

u made more skills and need some time to do skills

if give better drop (x2) and exp (x2) u no need work on new skills and u have more time to fix areas and mobs
and u got more player with better rates

My Question: mobs why no drop geon without exp event??????????
My Answer: very low the drop rates!!!!!!!

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