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[Posted by: EyesOfTruth]

Hi, this is a great server and i know its going to be very good when everything is finished but i do have some sugestions to make i do not know if you guys were planing to do this or not but here are some sugestions.

1.  Keep exp rate over 40x . I know recently you made it 20x but i think that is a bit low at lvl 72 i make 1% a lure of 2 rooms in d3f8 with that and exp stone. Seems a bit hard but if u add emok updated should be good exp then.

2.Make Ma Bless last 20 seconds. All 3rd job skils are g1 but that is ok cuz dmg seems pretty nice, altough with MA the bless at g1 lasts only 6 seconds its hard to even make a lure with bless and clear the room if we do mk with it. Would be nice if u could update it to 21 seconds like on int g5 .

3. Would be nice if you could add eagle. Add eagle becuz it gives nice hp and we can use it to hide and maybe move mobs to a corner of the room. Also a tool were we could exchange our grade animal to any other animal of the same grade. In case we ever want to trade our animal in for another one.

4. I will think of more sugestions later and i will update it. 

Tanks for your hard work and dedication Cayle keep it up man.

The inix server has always been unbalanced in both armor and monster stats, as well as drop rates. It will be correct here where inix has failed.

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