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GabHub Social Network

After thinking about how all my friends are leaving Facebook, about was how much people don't trust Facebook anymore, and after some inspiration listening to the Alex Jones Show, I've decided to open a new social network called GabHub! Currently, GabHub can only be reached at, I tried to get the .com domain name but it is taken,

Gab means talking, and of coarse Hub is like a place where everything is.

The goal is to create a Facebook / Twitter / Instagram all-in-one kind of social network.
I've been thinking about this since last year, but its time to give this a shot!

GabHub is now open for business!
Share with all your friends! Lets get this going!

Wow, haven't posted an update here in a long time! I've finally purchased! No more using Fixed several bugs with the chatting system. All 2016-2018 paying customers will have their Lifetime Pro accounts migrated to the new database.

Soggy! i cant wait to login bro! what are the Pro perks on our accounts getting? i heard we get lifetime movie access or something. i preordered an account for my brother 3 years ago, hes really happy about gabhub

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