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Another Venture :D -

Since is getting popular, I'm getting some damn good ad revenue from it. I was thinking about other services people seek online and one of the biggest ones everybody uses are dating websites. So I started - It's got a very simple layout; easy to use. It just clicked with me that providing FREE online services to people, and just putting ads on my sites, I just collect residual income doing nothing lol. Sitting on my ass getting paid - here I come!  lololol

I really want to open a file hosting website, similar to That fat guy makes millions every month doing nothing but sitting on his ass eating twinkies... I want that life hahaha! First, I'll need to get a new home someplace Google Fiber or any service that has 1Gb upload speed available. Professional hosting servers cost a fortune; $350/month just to have 16TB of storage. If I get a residence with sufficient upload speed, and setup a good firewall to mitigate any DDOS attacks, I can build a server rack and start out with 32TB. Google Fiber's best service costs $70/month, which would make a new residence worth it. -- I could also probably end my service with OVH and host my games & websites at the house in a server room! I wonder if I could purchase multiple connections of 1Gb at a single house?

I can't afford to pay a college $100,000 just to receive a paper saying I'm a credited IT Technician when I already am - that's a DAMN expensive piece of fuckin' paper!! So I've been a professional structural welder for the last 6 years. I enjoy the work itself and it pays good - but the people that are in this construction career are the biggest collection of idiots and criminals I've ever seen and I hate them all. I wish one day to just run a social network or something and sit on my ass doing management. I'm 28, smart, but a total idiot in many ways lol. I just need something to work, I need to find my place because everything just sucks and I've created so many things on my own. I have a drive to run a business, so perhaps that's where I'll land.


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