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PC Bluetooth communication, pairing failing.


I am trying to setup BT between PC and NXT and spent a lot of time without result. 
PC OS: Windows vista. 
RobotC version: 1.10 
BT device on PC: broadcom driver, out - com6, in - com7. 
NXT and PC seem to recognize each other. 
My NXT brick is listed in the section 'NXT bricks reachable via Bluetooth wireless'. 
However, when I click select, after some time, it gives an error: 
NXT brick could not be found. It does not ask me for any passkey either on the RobotC or on the NXT brick. 
It seems unable to pair NXT brick and the PC. The messages in the message log are: 
Searching for any NXT bricks in the boot mode. 
Searching for any NXT bricks connected via USB, 
Searching for any NXT bricks connected via Bluetooth. 
Closing any connections to NXT brick. 
Creating BT pairing for PC and NXT brick. 
Any ideas please ? 

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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instead of remove the pairings windows had made i just reinstalled everything and let robotc to make the pairing with Link Setup. i did this in a windows xp sp2 computer and with robotc 1.40. i think this can be the sollution to your problem.

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