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Raspberry Pi 3 Cannot Connect to Wi-Fi


I just obtained the Raspberry Pi 3. I initially had issues connect to the network via ethernet, but purchased a new microSD card and did a clean install. I was able to get on the internet using the ethernet cable. Now I am trying to get on the internet using the wireless network but I have my ssid hidden and do not remember the admin password to get into the router at this time. Is there some code that I may type in to access the wireless internet connect? If so, what files do I put this information? I have tried a couple things that I saw out there for wifi but it is still not working for me. I do have an ip address, which looks valid but still it will not connect?

Please help.

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Change the WIFI CHANNEL from 13 to something like 1 or 2 and it should work; the RPI will be able to see the SSID.

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