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PiZeroW no Wifi or wont connect, no Network


I have a RaspberyPiZeroW I have formatted a memory card installed "Raspbian Stretch with desktop" via various tools recomended by the youtube video I followed. I am able to boot up and log into the GUI.
I have checked and setup the /ect/wpa_suplicant *.conf and it displays the right information.
I have rebooted the Pi and relogged in.
The error is that I can see the ssid and enter in the correct password, in the GUI.However it still looks like the network is down graphic on the toolbar. It does not change like I would expect it to, itstays the same. If I hover over the icon it just says "wlan0: Not associated"
What am I missing I cant even ping the router In a terminal I get "connect:Network is unreachable".

Please help.

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