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Its 2018. Progress & Future of SubGlobal.

It has been a long road since the start of SubGlobal in 2012. I am grateful to all 92,000+ people that have played my games, and much more the regulars that have been here since the beginning.

Here are some plants for SubGlobal, and what is going on this year.
  • SGO | SubGlobal Online has about 25-30 more updates upon completion of the game's final development. The game will remain online and will continue to be supported with only bug fixes - not updates after the final version.
  • FEO | Flat Earth Online should be open early this year as a playable mmorpg, it is an exciting project that I am proud of, and yes, lots of it's development creativity is motivated by some narcotics and marijuana. It will be released on Steam (PC), Android & iOS phones.
  • RHINO is pretty much a dream job game; a real MMOFPS, currently in Alpha 0.0.2 with 1 square mile of open world made. The goal of this game is to bring awareness to endangered Rhinos being poached for their horns in Africa for satanic and pagan rituals. ISIS has been known to murder these animals and rip their horns off their faces to fund their war machine. Objective-based game; go in, pick an objective, join a squad, helicopter to the location and take out the poachers. Hunters become the hunted.
Right now in my personal life, I quit working at shipyards as a structural welder, and have decided this year to go back to school as an underwater welder / commercial diver. This way I can be my own boss in most cases, great pay, and fun job.

This is quite a diverse lifestyle I got into; the two worlds of Construction and Computer Coding. Eventually, I want to finish that school and become a professional diver/welder, and also CEO a tech company. One can dream, but its something I am working to achieve.

Harrison Tang, the CEO of Spokeo, a $100M online tech giant told me that, "If you keep on trying, you will have a chance to win."

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