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Ive created Vaga. He is lvl 90 now. I bought him full g90 ( clean gear) + g90 Royal 17/17/7 sword so he is lvl 90 with g90 ( which isnt so obvious at lvl 90 for new comers) , g25 tiger, Raward (str) Accessories with +25 str ToW inside. Scrolls ON. No Dmg event. My stats are:
Str : 120+196
HP: 132+64
Def: 401
Absorb: 40% (with full g120 gen got only 50% in that case whcich is weird aswelll oO)
+ g5 buffs :
Str: 120+239
HP: 132 +107
Def: 556
+ Berserk buff ON ( while killing lure)
...So We can easly says Im freaking OP char on this area
and I CANT one hit lure on lvl 90 battle island area (1st area) !

VAGABOND NEEDS A BOOST cuz he is shitfuck. Worst then UG on same lvl with same stuff.
btw and you need to repair g90 2h BIRV pimp cuz it doesnt work. Only Royal works.

How can Vaga can be so weak , while be4 Thiefs came out, He was the strongest close combat character. You broke him dud.

...and I donno hwo Spin Slash should work in pvp but I give less clean dmg from spin splash on char lvl 150 then with normal hit.

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