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Lvlv req for buffs

I suggest to go back they way buff were working be4.
lvl 120 g4
lvl 140 g5
lvl 160 g6
with this way everything seems to be logic. But now g5 is on lvl 150 and thats not good dud. Its way to long way to get lvl 150 for MA with only g4 buffs, thats why g5 should be with Terrorsit Hideout on lvl 140 so MA could get boost to level there. Second of all its too huge gap lvl 120 and then lvl 150 for buffs ( honestly I have no idea where is that came from). Taht's why ppl wont play MA so long cuz g5 req lvl 150 and thats not how should it work.

I also think this is good idea because on 130-150 lvl is hard for exping

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