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Plus.dll issue

I can not enter the game cuz of Plus.dll issue. Launcher starts ok but when I press "Strat Game" I got error. it says in translation from polish " can find point of enter(entrance) of procedur SelectObject in library Plus.dll"

not sure if you hve done anything about my issue but now I just dont have an error. I press Start Game , launcher disappeare and nothing happen. Under ctrl+alt+del no process of engine.exe is on either.

i added a new plus.dll to the updated. make sure plus.dll is still in the directory because some antivirus will delete it (its used to make the game connect). also, be sure to run the engine in Compatibility Mode - Windows 7. and that the engine.exe is set to run as Administrator.

I put engine.exe and launcher.exe in win 7 compability but that doesnt help. My laucher dont even update himself. Still same issue. Game doesnt start. Could you please send me that new plus.dll ?
btw I even downloaded new client like 2 days ago but it didnt help either.

Tal my friend,  if u unrar the client. Be sure that u are disconnectet with internet and antivirus programm. When ur done with unrar the datas, go into the options or antivir and make sure that is outside of scans. Next point is to allow the engine.exe  into ya firewall.

Im using Norton Internet Securioty. I do all you said since like few years. That's not the problem. Game was running fine. All of a sudden something went wronge somehow and game just dont run properly.

Tal, this is the latest client:!c8cClaaJ!f1e7nUgCNaGvl...Omw2MMUuNQ
Also, go into your Antivirus and put the SubGlobal folder in your exclusions so AV doesnt look at it for "viruses" and shit.


Right click engine.exe, go to Properties and set it as Compatibility Mode: Windows 7. also set it as Admin.

Then run Launcher.exe as Admin

It works fine. Tnx for help. Topic is done.

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