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Remove Exp items for Shops

Cayle you should remove exp items that can be obtained by shops. Its very unfair cuz getting exp is quite easy here and shops gives too many of them. atelast lower amount 10 times.
24h of shops gives like 1.5k+ exp items ( around I think) and 24h of moning with 90% speed give only 100% more but you need to spend lot of real money to get that item so Exp items by shops are very unfair and ruin game. Exp here can be obtain very easly. No need to give exp items cuz some noobs said its hard here.

I agree, exp on server is nice but people still complain with messages like "low exp". Usually these exp items bring more begging to server (giv mi it plez), since they get lvl easily but they stay without gear (no farming).


hmm, thanks, ill change the rate of exp items in shops, or just add something else. ill do this next update

Thank you . Good to hear that ^^

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